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Kindred Montessori’s Spanish Immersion program provides a warm, safe and loving environment rich in learning opportunities, where your child will blossom into a joyful, confident and independent human being, where each child is encouraged to grow to his or her fullest potential and satisfy their joy of learning by fostering self-esteem, independence, curiosity, empathy and social and nature awareness.

Our mission is to provide a safe, secure, nurturing and loving Montessori environment where each child is encouraged to grow to his or her fullest potential and satisfy their joy of learning by fostering self-esteem, independence, curiosity, empathy and awareness.

Our vision is to provide our students with strong values and a healthy foundation to successfully adapt and contribute peacefully and positively in society.

Our values :

  • Respect: to foster respect for oneself, others and nature.
  • Commitment: to be loyal to our beliefs and act accordingly.
  • Honesty: to be true to our mission and live authentically.
  • Partnership: to work together with parents, staff and community to support each other for the benefit of our students and society.


“The most important period of life is not the age of university studies, but the first one, the period from birth to the age of six. For that is the time when a man’s intelligence itself, his greatest implement, is being formed.”

-Dr. Maria Montessori

We offer the following programs :



(18 months to 3 years)



(3 to 6 years)

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(for all children)

Here are some reviews about us :

Jon Enyart
Jon Enyart
We have been part of the Kindred family since our son was 17 months. He's now 5 and still spends time with all his friends from the school. We could not have asked for a better Spanish Montessori pre-school. Our son is bilingual and continues to learn from his public school, all thanks to Ms. Vero and her teachers.
Helene Martin
Helene Martin
My 3.5yo daughter is finishing up a second wonderful school year at Kindred and is excited for her third and last one in the fall. It’s currently Kindred’s “Summer Session” which the kids look forward to all year. During this time, each day has a theme: art, obstacles, splashing… and everyone has a blast. The regular school year is also well-structured and balanced. Each day includes time for group activities, student-led work and free play. My daughter has looked forward to school every day since she started. She is very independent and can focus on tasks for an extended period of time, much of which we attribute to Kindred. The teachers’ consistent approach to Spanish immersion means the kids are effortlessly bilingual (but they do reach for English when speaking to each other!). The kids also have encyclopedic knowledge on whatever has piqued their interest recently. Students wear uniform shirts which makes getting ready in the morning less complicated. The owner and teacher of the big kids, Vero, makes herself available to discuss any questions or concerns. We always feel heard when we talk to her and any slight concern we have had has been creatively addressed even when we thought there might not be an easy solution (eg friction between classmates). There is frequent and clear communication via email and the Brightwheel app. We love the pictures that teachers share! Kindred Montessori offers a wonderful environment for kids 18m-5y. I can’t recommend it enough!
Megan Groth
Megan Groth
We have been so lucky to have found Kindred Montessori in our neighborhood - our daughter loves her teachers, classmates and the school environment and we can't wait to send our son there soon. The teachers are extremely personable, highly educated, caring, in regular communication with the families, and are invested in the children's learning, physical and emotional wellbeing. Our daughter loves spending so much time outdoors - at the nearby parks and in the school patio and 'mud kitchen'. She comes home with stories, songs and new projects everyday - she just turned 4 and has been starting to write in cursive (or as she says 'Spanish'). We weren't looking for a Spanish-immersion program but it has been amazing for our daughter, who now speaks Spanish confidently and with enthusiasm at school and at home. Cannot recommend Kindred Montessori enough!
michael anderson
michael anderson
My wife and I discovered Kindred Montessori about 4 years ago, while walking through the neighborhood, and ever since we have felt incredibly grateful for it. We have two children there, ages 3 and 4, and the thought of starting them somewhere else for kindergarten is daunting. Veronica (Vero), who runs Kindred out of her home, has decades of experience teaching in Montessori programs. Her assistant, Mariela, is also a certified Montessori teacher. They both have such extraordinary talent for what they do. Their inexhaustible patience, the deliberateness and respect that goes into every interaction with every kid ... it's so inspiring to witness, and it comforts me to know they are caring for our kids each day. From day one, I have admired the balance that Vero strikes: consistently setting healthy boundaries but otherwise encouraging each kid in their exploration of the world. It seems so effortless for her. It's amazing to me that in the 3 years I have known Vero, she's been surrounded by toddlers and not once have I seen her get even slightly flustered. I can say the same about Mariela. I'm completely on-board with the Montessori philosophy, but for me the most impressive thing about Kindred is the people running it--Vero and Mariela are truly amazing people. On that note, I need to mention Kenny, who helps more in the afternoons with "extended care", and Susy, who prepares their amazing food and also helps out with the childcare occasionally. They too are wonderful, somehow possessing that same patience and thoughtfulness. The kids love them. Sometimes my son has a hard time saying goodbye to Kenny. (My theory is that Vero attracts like-minded people--intelligent, empathetic people who understand the inner lives of children and can see the world through their eyes. Before Mariela came to Kindred, there was another teacher for the younger kids named Leslie...also an amazing human being.) I was blown away by the immediate growth and development of both of our kids after starting at Kindred. Things like getting dressed, pouring liquids, putting things away after use, preparing food, etc helped me realize I had been underestimating my kids potential for learning. Did I mention that kids at Kindred are fluent in spanish?! Some of the older kids are now able to read, in both English and Spanish. There is student-led exploration of things like cooking, geography, gardening, music, and art. I also love that they spend a couple of hours at the park every day, not at the playground but just exploring nature, playing games (very creative ones, mostly dreamed up by the kids), and letting loose. I should also mention the food at kindred; every time I hear about it or see a picture it just reaffirms my desire to be a Kindred student--very healthy, absolutely nothing processed, and the kids love it. Maybe the best way to sum up is this: I tend to second-guess every decision I make as a parent, but sending our kids to Kindred is one decision I'm totally at peace with--maybe even proud of. As a bonus, if you're reading this in 2022, the other families at Kindred are incredible (and I'm not somebody who likes everybody). They inspire us as parents and provide such a sweet sense of community in our lives.
Nicandro Martínez López
Nicandro Martínez López
An amazing, cozy place where a toddler is free, happy, and becomes strong, independent and a bright kid. Management knows how to make you and your kids welcome. Just like all great things in life
Martha Halley
Martha Halley
EI loved your philosophy and the website, I am very excited to know your facilities and that my son participates in the summer course
Oscar Anaya
Oscar Anaya
Estuvimos de viaje en San Diego y nos encanto el curso de verano para las niñas! Muy bonito lugar y la atención de Verónica increíble sin duda pasarán ahí este verano. Gracias Verónica!
Pasión Biker
Pasión Biker
Excellent place for an independent boys and full Montessori experience.
Vane DelCo
Vane DelCo
Wonderful place to my 5 years happy boy

It is hard to put into words how special and magical Kindred Montessori is

It is hard to put into words how special and magical Kindred Montessori is. Our son started at 2.5 years and has since "graduated" to kindergarten, while our daughter who started at 18 months is still there now. Veronica ("Vero"), the owner and lead teacher has a Master's in Montessori Education and is a brilliant and loving guide for the children. They, over the course of 3-4 years, progress from 1.5 year-olds in diapers to capable, confident, independent, and bilingual little people who help to teach and lead the younger kids. Visiting Kindred and seeing the kids in action is nothing short of incredible. Of course there are sometimes tears and conflicts, especially at the start of the year as new students get adjusted to not being home, but the norm is all 12 or so students working on projects that they themselves have chosen, in an environment of serenity that we have never been able to replicate at home. The fact that this all happens entirely in Spanish is an added bonus. Vero and her teachers walk the children in a group to the park every day, rain or shine (rain gear for each student is kept at the school since they embody the idea that there is no bad weather, only bad gear), and their chef prepares delicious, healthy lunches that our kids prefer to anything we have been able to make at home. The children help to prepare their own afternoon snacks, and set and clear their tables for all meals. The entire school and the Montessori "materials" are arranged in a way that encourages curiosity and learning, whether the kids realize it is happening or not. Beyond the classroom, Vero has cultivated a warm community around the school. Both our children still mainly spend time with their Kindred friends (including the annual Kindred Trick-or-Treating!), and the parents are all communicative and supportive with numerous organic get-togethers outside of the school throughout the year. We could not have been happier with our son's experience at Kindred or his preparation for elementary school, and we are already thrilled with our daughter's experience and progress.

Peter & Nina Jaglom

Kindred is more than just a school

Kindred is more than just a school; it is a warm and welcoming community that became our home away from home. We felt that our kids had a safe and nourishing family to go to everyday. Kindred is filled with people that feel like family; they genuinely cared for and respected our children and made us feel at ease. Most importantly, they met them exactly where they were and did not compare them to other kids. The things that we loved about Kindred are too many to list but the major things as a parent that I appreciated was the constant communication, the celebration of each family's heritages, the focus on healthy eating, outdoor time, and the overall spirit of sensitivity, community and belonging.

Morgan & Sean Norville

Veronica has created a family-like community

My 3 year-old had been enrolled at Kindred Montessori for 10 months, starting just after she turned 2. We came to visit at an Open House event, and fell in love. I have a keen critical eye for child care facilities, given my professional background in education. Kindred is everything it claims to be and more. The owner and lead teacher, Veronica, has more than just a deep love of children. She has a vast knowledge of early education and tremendous experience that supports individualization for each child. The Montessori Model is exceptional, and all the better with a strong, experienced leader like Veronica. My daughter has progressed wonderfully in her social, physical, emotional and cognitive developments at Kindred. And while I highly value these progressions, it is the culture of the school that impresses me most. Veronica has created a family-like community that feels safe, welcoming, calm, inclusive and non-judgemental. She goes above and beyond the role of owner and teacher to support each child and family in their unique needs.  Veronica has also hired staff that integrates into the family community there, providing care and guidance in a highly professional manner. As a single Mom living very far away from our family, Kindred’s supportive, responsive and flexible approach has enriched our lives tremendously. When my daughter is there, she is with a new kind of family. Every day starts and ends with warm greeting from staff and classmates. And in between are creative enrichment activities mixed with lots of time to just play outside being a kid.  The school environment fosters independence, with consistent positive discipline and clear expectations. On a single income, the tuition can be a real stretch for our budget. But I whole-heartedly believe it is worth every penny and sacrifice we make for it. I often tell people, “If I were to magically paint a picture of the perfect school for us, it would look just like Kindred Montessori.

Forest Featherston

I highly recommend it

My husband and I had been looking for a Bilingual Montessori in our area. So when I found Kindred it was like a Godsend. It was a perfectly located (in North Park), Spanish immersion beautiful Montessori. When I first went to visit I fell in love as did my daughter, she was 18 months at the time. The space is beautiful and perfect for young growing minds. I was impressed by the head guide Veronica Martinez’s study background and experience with children and the Montessori school system. And seeing her interact with my child and the other students warms my heart. I love how much my daughter has learned, how quickly she started speaking in English and Spanish, ande how independent she is compared to other 2 year olds. Kindred  instills good manners, friendship and kindness and open communication during child conflicts. Unlike many other toddler school’s, Kindred also helped support me potty train and within a few weeks my daughter was potty trained! My husband and I are delighted by Kindred, the guides, the other families, the learnings and the independence it has given our daughter. I highly recommend it to all friends!

Diana Lowe

Much more to me than a daycare

Kindred Montessori is so much more to me than a daycare or preschool. Kindred is giving my son opportunities to thrive, to learn, to become confident, independent and develop a respect for others. Veronica teaches Montessori-style education and allows each child to flourish while providing them opportunities to learn based on age-appropriate activities. The school environment is beautiful and bright, the teachers are loving and highly educated in the field. Kindred Montessori provides everything I was looking for in a school – Spanish immersion, structure, consistent learning through exploration and responsibility, lots of time outdoors at the park, mostly organic homemade food, eco-friendly materials, crafts, music, yoga, dancing, gardening, hugs, and community. What can I say? – Kindred has got soul. During the first 5 years, a child’s brain develops more than at any other time in life and has a lasting impact on a child’s ability to learn and succeed. I am so grateful that my son will spend his first 5 years in this environment that will enrich his mind, and give him the best start. Kindred is truly “Growing Human Greatness” and I am so happy to partner with Veronica and her team, helping my son see the greatness in himself.

Jessica Carlin

He is in good hands

We are so happy that we found Kindred Montessori! Veronica, the owner, and her assistant, Leslee, are wonderful, well-qualified educators. Veronica uses an App, Brightwheel, to provide updates and pictures throughout the day of our little one. I really appreciate the communication, and the pictures always make my day brighter.  We had some basic things that we were looking for in a childcare  (clean, secure, access to outdoor play, healthy meals, etc.) and Kindred met all of our wants and more. Our son is thriving at Kindred. His vocabulary has blossomed in both English and Spanish, he is learning social skills, and he is so excited to go to “school” everyday. The location is ideal as Kindred is less than a block from the park. They go to the Morley Field Nature Exploration area everyday (rain or shine). Kindred’s space is also so appealing. They have an indoor and outdoor classroom and Kindred is set up to foster independence with kid-sized everything. They have the children doing things I would never think to engage my almost two year in. Children help prepare snack, one of our sons favorite activities, learn how to dress themselves, and they will even assist with potty training when the time comes. It’s so nice to feel like Veronica and Leslee are part of our parenting team. Veronica holds parent/guide conferences to check in and is always available to answer any questions or concerns we have about our sons behavior or development. One of the things we were concerned about was making sure our son is offered healthy meals. Kindred has someone who cooks nutritious meals for the children every week. Some other things we love about Kindred include Spanish-immersion, yoga, music, art, gardening, the use of non-toxic eco-friendly cleaners, and cloth diapers. It’s so hard to leave your little one, but I feel confident that our son is happy and thriving at Kindred. We are so thankful for the experiences our son is enjoying and feel confident that he is in good hands.

Shana Wright

From the moment I met Veronica

From the moment I met Veronica and saw her school, I knew our daughter would be at home there. We wanted to find a place where our daughter would be challenged, respected and cherished, and Kindred has provided all of that and then some. The children get to be outside in nature at least once a day. They learn practical tasks such as preparing fruit and growing herbs. Our daughter thrives in the environment there, which is set up specifically for small hands and bodies – everything is her size. She is speaking full sentences and singing songs in Spanish now. An added bonus is the healthy, always home-cooked food she loves eating there. I love knowing that my child is being treated with kindness and respect and is learning how to take responsibility for herself, rather than being disciplined using “time outs” and constant redirection from adults. Kindred has become not just our daughter’s school, but part of our parenting community.

Christina Forzani



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